What Exactly is Twerking? Exploring the Origins and Cultural Impact of the Dance Phenomenon.

Twerking isn’t just a dance; it’s a vibrant expression rooted in the bounce dance culture of 1980s New Orleans. The term, possibly a blend of “twist” and “jerk” or a contraction of “to work,” echoes the encouragement dancers received. Originating from bounce dance, twerking became a viral sensation, and its allure remains unbridled.


Experience the contemporary rendition of twerking in Fraule’s video, showcasing the diverse ways this move can be executed—all involving the art of shaking hips and booty. Originating in the Dirty South’s culture, twerking gained widespread attention after Miley Cyrus’s memorable performance at the MTV VMA Music Awards.

Twerking has transcended its roots, becoming a cultural phenomenon. The possibility of becoming a certified twerk instructor has added another layer to its evolution. The question persists: why has twerking outlasted other dance trends?

Beyond its visual appeal and crowd-pleasing nature, twerking’s accessibility is a key factor. Individuals of all sizes and shapes can master this dynamic move. Moreover, twerking has gained recognition for its fitness benefits—a harmonious blend of strength and cardio that tones the hips, bum, and thighs.

For aspiring twerkers, choosing the right attire is crucial. Opt for snug, high shorts, or a leotard to enhance the understanding of muscle movements. Explore our dance costume guide for inspiration on selecting the perfect outfit for your twerking journey.

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