Is there a sensual Bachata dance performed by Cornel & Rithika?

Witness the enchanting synergy of Cornel Rodrigues and Rithika Poojary, renowned as Cornel and Rithika, as they masterfully navigate the world of sensual bachata. This video unveils their captivating chemistry, blending technical finesse with a delightful touch of playfulness, making them standout performers in the realm of sensual bachata.


The duo’s prominence is unmistakable, boasting an impressive Instagram following of 278,000 and a substantial YouTube subscriber base of 614,000. Their journey to the forefront began in 2016 with a sensual bachata rendition to Conor Maynard’s “Elastic Heart,” propelling them into the limelight and charting a rapid ascent in their careers.

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Beyond their dance prowess, Cornel and Rithika share a real-life connection, steering the acclaimed Dance Space academy in Mumbai. As choreographers, performers, and educators, they’ve cemented their legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the world of bachata.

Bachata sensual, now a globally embraced style, deviates from traditional norms, offering interpretative freedom with open and closed styles, circular movements, body waves, dips, and isolation techniques. The video not only showcases technical prowess but also exemplifies the boundless creativity achievable with bachata sensual. Let this performance serve as an inspiring testament to the imaginative possibilities within the realm of dance.

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