Ryan Malm is killed by hit and run in Hyde Park

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Who was Ryan Malm?

Ryan Malm was a 25-year-old man from America. Ryan served in Afghanistan as an airborne soldier. On 27 August 2022, Saturday morning, Ryan died of a hit-and-run on Lindwood Avenue.

Ryan Malm Obituary, Cause of Death

25 years old Ryan died on 27 August 2022. At the place where this incident happened, a man living nearby, Lindsay Himmler, told that I was staying, suddenly there was a very loud sound of something falling. When I looked outside, a man was lying on the road.

Chris Baer and Ellen Fresse, driving on Linwood Avenue, reported that there had been an increase in vehicle traffic, due to which Linwood Avenue became a Thruway. Ryan was hit by a vehicle in Hit and Run on Linwood Avenue. He died on Sunday morning due to more injuries.

In addition to Ryan, two more people were seriously injured in the hit-and-run on Linwood Avenue. The driver who hit the bus fled from the spot soon after the accident. The police there are looking for the driver who hit the road.

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