How did the 7 year old Italian Lavinia Trematerra die? What was the cause of her death?

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Who Was Lavinia Trematerra?

Lavinia Trematerra was an Italian-born 7-year-old girl born in 2015. Born to Lavinia Trematera (Father) and Valentina Poggi (Mother), both are lawyers by profession. Lavinia died after being buried under a 440-pound marble statue outside a hotel.

Lavinia Trematerra Obituary, Cause of Death

Lavinia was enjoying herself with her parents in Munich. Lavinia was playing outside the hotel when a 200 kg statue fell on Lavinia. Lavinia suffered severe injuries due to being buried under the 200 kg statue. Started. People together took out Lavinia from under the statue, but In the hospital, the doctor declared Lavinia dead after 2 hours. Lavinia was the only child of her parents, she is no longer in the world. 

Her parents are very broken by Lavinia’s death, Lavinia’s parents were taking selfies when this incident happened. Lavinia’s parents had gone from Seham after seeing the statue buried under the statue, but after the doctor declared Lavinia dead, the ground came out from under the feet of Lavinia’s parents. Lavinia’s parents have also filed a case against the owner of the hotel.

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