Oklahoma hangs 50-year-old James Coddington for 1997 murder

Who is James Coddington?

James Coddington is the 5o-year-old killer who murdered Albert Hill in 1997. James was hanged to death for the murder. Crack cocaine’s bad habit led to the murder of James, who was sentenced to death.

Why was James Coddington hanged?

In 1997, James was in the crack cocaine trade. When Albert Hill did not pay for crack cocaine, James hit Albert Hill with a hammer, killing Albert Hill.

In 1997, James was sentenced to death in court. On Wednesday 24 August 2022 Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt was put to death by James denying his remorse.

James’ attorneys and advocates thought the judge would spare him the death sentence given James’ remorse and apology, but nothing happened.

The time to hang him was at 10:16 am.

Albert Hill’s son, who was present when James was being executed, said – Today is not a good day, and it is not bad. This day is a new day for our family. Finally, now we can move on.

James ate a huge last meal consisting of two cheeseburgers, two large fries, two crunchy fish sandwiches, and a large soda before his death. James was tied to the gurney inside the death chamber.

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