Rebecca Searing, 52, sentenced to life in prison for murdering her sleeping husband

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Who is Rebecca Searing?

Rebecca Searing is a 52-year-old murderer. She is a nurse by profession. Rebecca is the woman who was not happy with her marriage. Rebecca killed her husband in his sleep.

How did Rebecca Searing murder her husband?

Rebecca, 52, murdered her husband Paul Searing of 57 years on February 12. While Paul Searing Gehry was sleeping, Rebecca killed her husband by stabbing him twice in the stomach with a knife and then calling 999.

When the police officers reached there, Rebecca told them that I cannot believe that I have murdered my husband. I will be punished for that.

Police produced Rebecca at Chelmsford Crown Court and there she confessed her crime. Rebecca was sentenced to life in prison.

Upon police investigation, Rebecca at first refuses to murder her husband. But after getting all the swords and blood-stained knives, Rebecca confesses her crime and explains why she did all this. Rebecca has also been accused of domestic violence against her husband. This incident is becoming very viral on the internet. The man is not safe with his partner.

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