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Koo Hye-sun Husband- Koo Hye-sun is a South Korean Actress, singer-songwriter, director, and artist. Her born name is Koo Hye-sun. In 2004, she made her acting debut with the “Nonstop 5” television series. In 2007, she made her film debut with the “August Rush”. In 2014, she also acted in the “Daughter” film.

In 2009, she made her directing debut with the “The Madonna (aka The Cheerful Caretaker)” short film. In 2010, she also directed the “Magic” film. In 2005, she also released her “Happy Birthday to You” single.

After that, she released many singles like “Brown Hair”, “Floral Rain”, “Written and Erased”, “Winter Story”, and “Summer Day”. If you are searching Koo Hye-sun Husband, Wiki, age, career, or movies about Koo Hye-sun then you have come to the right page, you will be provided with all the information. 

Koo Hye-sun Wiki/Bio-Details

Real Name Koo Hye-sun
Profession Actress, singer-songwriter, director, and artist
Age 38 Years
Birth Place Incheon, South Korea
Birth Date 9 November 1984
Koo Hye-sun Wiki
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Koo Hye-sun Age

Talking about Koo Hye-sun’s age on the other side, Koo Hye-sun’s age is 38 years. Her date of birth is 9 November 1984. Koo Hye-sun was born in Incheon, South Korea. Koo Hye-sun’s birth sign is Scorpio. If you want more details about Koo Hye-sun Husband, Wiki, Height, Education, Movies, Instagram, and more, then continue reading this article.

Koo Hye-sun Height, Weight- Tattoos

Koo Hye-sun’s height is 5 feet 3 inches (1.63 m) tall. Her weight is 54 kg approx. Is there a tattoo on Koo Hye-sun’s body or not? There is no solid information about it yet.

Koo Hye-sun Parents, Siblings (Family)

Koo Hye-sun was born in Incheon to her parents (names are unavailable). Koo Hye-sun’s parents always encouraged her to move forward in life. Koo Hye-sun has a sister Ku Hye-jung. Koo Hye-sun is the sweetest of siblings.

Koo Hye-sun Education

Koo Hye-sun completed her schooling at Private High School. After this, she was admitted to Sungkyunkwan University Seoul Institute of the Arts where she studied for her professional degree.

Koo Hye-sun Age
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Koo Hye-sun Husband/Boyfriend/Dating- Love Life

Koo Hye-sun’s marital status is divorced. Koo Hye-sun is currently single and enjoys her life. Koo Hye-sun Husband’s name is Ahn Jae-hyun. In 2016, Koo Hye-sun married with him, and in 2019, she got divorced.

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Koo Hye-sun Career & Previous Life

Koo Hye became very famous on the Internet as an “ulzzang” after stepping into the entertainment industry. Koo is a trainee at “SM Entertainment”. After some time working under “YG Entertainment”.

Koo Hye became very popular in 2006 for working in the drama “Pure in Heart”. Koo then acted in the historical dramas “The King and I” and “Strongest Chill Wu”.

Koo Hye took a break from her acting for 2 years. After a break of 2 years, Koo Hye appeared in “Heo Nanseoli”. In 2020, Koo signed with “Mimi Entertainment” and in 2021, Koo Hee signed with “IOK Company”.

Koo Hye-sun Drama List/TV Series

Age of Innocence (2002)
Jumong (2006–2007)
The Fugitive of Joseon (2013)
Drama Stage – Chief B and the Love Letter (2017)
Princess Hours (2006)
Detectives in Trouble (2011)
The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)
Lovely Horribly (2018)
Gyebaek (2011)
Emergency Couple (2014)
Listen to Love (2016)
Ex-Girlfriends’ Club (2015)
Was It Love? (2020)
Sh**ting Stars (2022)

Koo Hye-sun Movies

August Rush (2007)
Daughter (2014)

Television shows

Nonstop 5 (2004)
Pure in Heart (2006)
Ku Cine (2010)
Drama City – Anagram (2004)
The King and I (2007)
Ballad of Seodong (2005)
Boys Over Flowers (2009)
Drama City – Everybody Cha Cha Cha (2005)
Strongest Chil Woo (2008)
Take Care of Us, Captain (2012)
Blood (2015)
The Musical (2011)
Heo Nanseolheon (2014)
Absolute Darling (2012)
Angel Eyes (2014)
You Are Too Much (2017)


“Happy Birthday to You”
“Fly Again”
“Flying Galaxy”
“A Day Without Sound”
“Sarang Ga (Love Story)”
“Marry Me”
“Brown Hair”
“It’s You”
“Written and Erased”
“Floral Rain”
“Winter Story”
“Summer Day”

Music Videos

“We Make a Good Pair” (2002)
“Yesterday Is Different from Today” (2007)
“The Reason I Close My Eyes” (2004)
“With Laughter or with Tears”(2013)
“Forget You” (2006)
“Brown Hair” (2010)
“She’s So High” (2014)
“Touch Your Heart” (2010)
“Marry Me” (2012)
“Floral Rain” (2014)
“It’s You” (2013)
“After 10 Years 100 Years” (2015)
“Happy” (2013)
“A Day Without Sound” (2015)

As A Director

Feature Films

Magic (2010)
Daughter (2014)
The Peach Tree (2012)

Short Films

Fragments of Sweet Memories (3D)
The Madonna (aka The Cheerful Caretaker)
Dark Yellow
White Dog (Samsung Galaxy S4)
Mystery Pink

Social Media Accounts

Koo Hye-sun Facebook

Koo Hye-sun Instagram

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