How did Michael Lush die? What was the cause of his death?

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Who is Michael Lush?

Michael Lush was a 24-year-old boy from South Hampton. Michael used to work as a self-employed department transporter, he used to carry bricks. One day Michael was invited to work as a stuntman on “The Late Late Breakfast Show” where he died in an accident.

Michael Lush Obituary, Cause of Death

On November 8, 1986, Michael was called live on “The Late Late Breakfast Show” and asked to perform “Hang ‘Em High”. Michael’s mother was sad that he was doing dangerous stunts and wondered why Michael was so interested in “The Late Late Breakfast Show”. “The Late Late Breakfast Show” was about to air on National TV, due to which Michael decided to do dangerous stunts on the show.

The “Hang ‘Em High” stunt involved an explosion box bungee jumping. A 120 ft tall crane was used to perform this stunt. The carabiner clip attached to the eyebolt of the crane broke during the jump. deep to Michael Due to injuries, he died on the spot.

Edmonds left the show stating that “there is no heart to keep going.” The Late Late Breakfast Show was canceled on November 15, 1986. Instead of the “Hang Em High” stunt, “Our Dinosaur is Missing” was shown. BBS had many faults, of which Michael was told only a few.

£120,000 was given to Michael Lush’s family by BBC. Bill Cotton, who was the managing director of the BBC, said that now there will be no such show in which the public will be put at risk.

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