How did Austrian ski racer Gernot Reinstadler die at the age of 52?, what happened to him?

Gernot Reinstadler was an Austrian talented ski racer. In the decade 1990 was the most talented man in the Austrian team “Downhill Team”. He died in 1991 during a race that led to the cancellation of a race.

How did Gernot Reinstadler die at the age of 52?

Reinstadler was born on 24 August 1970 in Austria. At the age of 52, Gernot died of multiple internal injuries and excessive bleeding when Gernot crashed into safety nets while training for the Lauberhorn race on 19 January 1991, after his control deteriorated.

A race was also canceled after Gernot died in a crash. Safety measures were improved, and the holes in the safety net were made smaller so that no racer could get trapped in it and crash.

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