Who was Ashley Lockhart? Why did her boyfriend kill her in West Philadelphia?

Ashley Lockhart is the mother of 6 children who were stabbed to death by her boyfriend in West Philadelphia. A case has been registered against Ashley Lockhart’s boyfriend.

Who is Ashley Lockhart?

Ashley Lockhart, a mother of 6 children, was stabbed to death in West Philadelphia by her boyfriend at the age of 32. This news is from 6th August 2022, Saturday morning at 8 am. Police found the body of Ashley Lockhart in a gold Honda Odyssey around 8:30 am. Ashley Lockhart was stabbed in the face and on her body with a knife.

Why was Ashley Lockhart, mother of 6 kids killed by her boyfriend?

According to reports, a CCTV camera installed at a nearby shop at the site of Ashley Lockhart’s murder recorded a video of a man committing Ashley’s murder, in which a man was seen coming in a gold-colored car and stabbing Ashley Lockhart with a knife. starts doing. But by the time the police arrived, Ashley had been murdered and fled. Police have told that they have detained a 34-year-old man. Why the man killed Ashley is not yet disclosed.

Who was Ashley Lockhart’s Husband?

Ashley lived with her 6 children. Ashley was in a relationship with someone but there is no information about her husband yet.

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