Stimulus Checks in December 2023: Is the IRS Issuing a Fourth Round?”

Dive into the details surrounding Stimulus Checks in December 2023, as we unravel the mystery of whether the IRS will release a fourth round or not. This comprehensive article sheds light on various aspects of Stimulus Checks in December 2023 and other crucial information.

Stimulus Checks December 2023 Overview

Amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS distributed three rounds of stimulus checks to eligible citizens, aligning with their previous year’s tax returns.

Speculation abounds regarding the potential release of a fourth round of stimulus checks. However, recent information suggests that the IRS is not planning to provide a fourth round of stimulus checks in December 2023.

Prospects of IRS Fourth Stimulus Checks in December

Originally conceived to offer financial relief during the pandemic’s peak, the three stimulus checks served their purpose. However, the current circumstances indicate a departure from this trend, with no plans for an additional round of stimulus checks. The IRS, in tandem with the treasury department, has made it clear that a fourth stimulus check will not be issued. Notably, some individual states within the USA are taking matters into their own hands by disbursing rebates to their residents.

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Clarification on State Rebates

It’s crucial to distinguish between the state rebates and federal stimulus checks. While certain states, including Alabama, Virginia, Arizona, and others, are providing rebates, these should not be confused with federal stimulus checks. Despite these state initiatives, individuals should not anticipate a fourth IRS Stimulus check in December 2023.

State-Specific Rebates in December 2023


Residents of Alabama stand to receive a one-time rebate in December 2023. Eligibility is contingent on filing a 2021 Tax Return, received by the Alabama Department of Revenue by October 17, 2022. The rebates, ranging from $150 to $300, will be disbursed starting December 1, 2023, through checks or direct deposits.


Tax rebates for eligible individuals in Virginia will be issued by November 30, based on the 2020 Tax Return filed by November 1, 2023. Rebate amounts, up to $200 for individuals and $400 for joint filers will be distributed through a combination of paper checks and direct deposits.


Residents of Arizona are eligible for a one-time rebate under the Arizona Families Tax Rebate program. This rebate is available to those who filed their 2021 tax returns, claimed at least one dependent tax credit, and had an Arizona Personal Income Tax liability of at least $1 in the 2021, 2020, or 2019 tax year. Rebates, with a maximum of $250 per dependent under 17 and $100 per dependent over 17, will be provided in accordance with the 2023 bipartisan budget.

As states take independent action to provide financial relief, individuals are encouraged to stay informed about their eligibility and the specific details of the rebate programs in their respective states.

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