Should you ever restrain your love for dancing?

Audrey Case, a remarkable participant in the iconic TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2012, has left an enduring imprint with her extraordinary talent and captivating performances. Despite her elimination in August, her artistic prowess continues to command admiration and recognition. Each graceful movement in her powerful contemporary dance choreography serves as a testament to the beauty and inspiration inherent in the art of dance.


Feel free to share this exceptional performance with your friends, as we believe in the transformative power of spreading beauty and inspiration through captivating videos. Audrey’s ability to convey emotion and depth through contemporary dance offers a visual feast, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience it.

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Did you know that Audrey embarked on her dance journey at the tender age of 3? Auditioning for the show in January during her senior year in high school, she made an impressive debut. In the summer of 2012, immediately after graduation, Audrey entered the competition, securing a spot in the top 20 and ultimately emerging as a top 5 girl finalist – a truly remarkable achievement.

Let’s also explore the brilliance of choreographer Jaci Roal, the visionary founder and director of Royal Flux Dance. Recognized for producing unique and inspiring performances that push the boundaries of physicality, Jaci made her debut as a choreographer on SYTYCD in 2015. Today, she stands as one of the most sought-after choreographers in the United States and Europe, leaving an indelible impact on the world of dance.

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