Who is Patrick Dempsey Wife? How did Patrick Dempsey meet wife?

In this article, We are given Who is Patrick Dempsey? Know Patrick Dempsey Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, and more. So all fans keep reading this article. Patrick Dempsey, born on January 13, 1966, in Lewiston, Maine, U.S., is an American actor and racing driver. Dempsey is well-known for his leading man romantic film roles, including in “Enchanted” in 2007.

What is Patrick Dempsey known for?

Patrick Dempsey is widely known for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd, also known as “McDreamy”, in the popular medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy”. His charismatic portrayal of the character made him a household name and gained him widespread recognition in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Dempsey has established himself as a versatile actor through various film roles and has become an iconic figure in the world of television and film. 


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Patrick Dempsey’s Career and Early Life

Early Life:

Patrick Dempsey’s age is 57 years as of 2023. Patrick Dempsey was born in Lewiston, Maine, and grew up in nearby towns like Turner and Buckfield. He went to different high schools, including Leavitt Area High School, Buckfield High School, St. Dominic Regional High School, and later, Willowridge High School in Houston.

When he was younger, Dempsey was into juggling and even took part in competitions. In 1981, he came in second at the International Jugglers’ Association Championship in the Juniors category. He was just behind Anthony Gatto, who’s known as one of the best jugglers ever.

Patrick Dempsey Relationship and Dating

Marriage: Who is Patrick Dempsey Wife?

Millions of fans of Patrick Dempsey ask many questions about his relationship – Who is Patrick Dempsey Wife?, Did Patrick Dempsey and his wife split up?, How did Patrick Dempsey meet wife?

Let us tell you today about the married life of Patrick Dempsey. Patrick Dempsey’s marital status is married. Yes, Patrick Dempsey is a married man. Patrick Dempsey’s wife is Jillian Fink. She is a Make-up artist. Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink married in 1999. 

Patrick Dempsey married twice. Patrick Dempsey first married his manager, actress, and acting coach, Rochelle “Rocky” Parker on August 24, 1987. Then Patrick was 21 years old and Rocky Parker was 48 years old. Patrick Dempsey and Rocky Parker divorced on April 26, 1994. Rocky Parker died in 2014.

Patrick Dempsey’s second marriage took place on July 31, 1999, to Jillian Fink. Patrick and Jillian have three children. In January 2015, Fink started the process for a divorce, but during that year, they worked things out and got back together. They officially canceled their plans for divorce on November 12, 2016.

Patrick Dempsey Wife Jillian Fink

How did Patrick Dempsey meet wife?

Dempsey and hairstylist/makeup artist Jillian Fink first crossed paths in 1994 when he booked an appointment at her salon, Delux, in Los Angeles. The two tied the knot in 1999.

Family Life/Children:

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink have three children-  Talula Fyfe Dempsey, Darby Galen Dempsey, and Sullivan Patrick Dempsey.

Patrick Dempsey Net Worth

Patrick Dempsey’s net worth is estimated to be around $85 million. Patrick Dempsey makes his money from his acting, advertisements, and racing.

Patrick Dempsey Parents

Patrick Dempsey’s parents are William Dempsey (Father) and Amanda Dempsey (Mother). Patrick Dempsey’s mother was a school secretary, and his father was an insurance salesman. Patrick Dempsey has two older sisters- Mary Dempsey and Alicia Hatten.

Patrick Dempsey Movies

Films and Televisions:

  • Heaven Help Us
  • Mobsters
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • A Fighting Choice
  • Happy Together
  • Bank Robber
  • Outbreak
  • Scream 3
  • Freedom Writers
  • Bridget Jones’s Baby
  • Disenchanted
  • Ferrari
  • JFK: Reckless Youth
  • A Fighting Choice
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Once and Again
  • Devils
  • Grey’s Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey Wiki/Bio


  • Full name: Patrick Galen Dempsey
  • Date of Birth- January 13, 1966
  • Age- 57 Years (as of 2023)
  • Weight in Kilograms – 77 kg
  • Height in Inches – 5’ 9”
  • Parents- William Dempsey (Father) and Amanda Dempsey (Mother)
  • Wife- Rocky Parker (m. 1987; div. 1994)​, Jillian Fink ​(m. 1999)
  • Child- 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Patrick Dempsey

Q1: When did Patrick Dempsey debut?

Patrick Dempsey entered the film industry with the film “The Stuff” in 1985.

Q2: What is Patrick Dempsey’s real name?

Patrick Dempsey’s real name is Patrick Galen Dempsey.

Q3: Who is Patrick Dempsey’s wife?

Patrick Dempsey’s wife is Jillian Fink.

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