New Zealand Actress Kimberley Crossman and her partner Tom Walsh suffer miscarriage

Kimberley Frances Crossman known as Kim Crossman is a New Zealand actress, presenter, author, producer, director, writer, dancer, stand-up comedian, and cheerleader. Kimberley Crossman is well-recognized for her role as ‘Sophie McKay’ on the New Zealand soap opera “Shortland Street”.

Kimberley began dating cameraman Tom Walsh in 2022 while she was shooting “Snack Masters.” Tom Walsh is best known for starring in the famous 2006 Tip Top commercial. Kimberley and Tom Walsh got engaged while the couple were on vacation in Italy in September 2023. Recently in November 2023, Kimberly suffered a miscarriage.

This evening, at 33 years old, she bravely shared the news of her miscarriage alongside partner Tom Walsh on social media. The poignant revelation unfolded in a photo on Instagram, capturing Crossman resting in a hospital bed.

She writes- “Sadly, last week Tom and I lost our baby. I have really been struggling with it this past week.”

Despite his initial intention to keep his journey private, Crossman deliberately chose a different path. Recognizing the importance of sharing his experience, he said, “It was something we should share because so many women have walked this path before me, and not many people talk about the emotional toll things like this might take and how best to navigate this kind of grief as a couple, family or as individuals”.

Kim Crossman Instagram Post

As an actor, writer, and voice behind the podcast Pretty Depressed, where she candidly traces her “journey with depression and anxiety” and offers coping tools, it’s important to embrace transparency for this multifaceted individual. The decision was natural. Expressing that she couldn’t “share all the sparkly things we do online and not be honest about some of the struggles,” she invites others into the genuine, unfiltered narrative of her life— a refreshing departure from the curated perfection often found in the realm of online sharing.

Kim Crossman Miscarriage

Kimberley Crossman continued writing- “This past week has been incredibly heavy and I have been in a huge battle internally with my brain which has been unkind and not helpful… feeling moments of shame, confusion and fear of the ‘next time’ we get pregnant possibly being clouded by this experience.

“Statistically this is a very common experience but sometimes logic and emotions aren’t aligned.”

Kimberley Crossman explained that she had seen “many great moments” on her social media over the past few weeks, including her wearing a wedding dress and preparing to see her family change, as well as seeing her “bursting into tears, wearing a diaper hoping no one would notice and avoiding alone time to prevent spiraling” was added along with private moments like this.

Kimberley Crossman said- will share more about this when I am in a better place and after I get some professional help”.


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Kimberley Crossman continued said- “I will share the journey of healing because I have a responsibility to take what I learn in this next chapter and make those tools available to others if they unfortunately have to walk this path too. Our condolences to anyone who has had these experiences.”

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