How did Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake die at the age of 84? What is the cause of Issey Miyake’s death?

His real name was Miyake Kazumaru. He was popular for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions, and fragrances, with L’eau d’Issey being his most famous product. He was also known for the 21 21 design site of Japan. In 1992, he was in the International Herald Tribune was rejected and is the most popular fashion designer today. Miyake has also been honored with the Kyoto Prize, Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy Person of Cultural Merit, and Praemium Imperiale.

How did Issey Miyake die?

Issey Miyake was born on 22 April 1938 in Hiroshima, Japan. He died on the evening of 5 August 2022 at the age of 84. Miyake had been ill with liver cancer for a long time. The news of Issey Miyake’s death was reported by the Japanese media. Issey wanted relatives to come to his funeral, not to have any ceremony.

Issey was a very talented man. He fulfilled his dreams or achieved heights. Even after getting rejected by many companies and competitions in his career, do not give up and became a popular fashion designer by realizing his dreams.

Talk about his career:-

In his childhood, he wanted to become a dancer, but after reading his sister’s fashion magazine, he became interested in fashion. After completing college in 1964, he studied at Tama Kala University. Issey also worked with Hubert de Givenchy, who produced 50 to 100 sketches.

Shortly after relocating to New York in 1969, Miyake befriended Christo and Robert Rauschenberg. In New York, Miyake attended Columbia University, and a year later returned to Tokyo, starting the high-end producer Miyake Design Studio which made women’s clothing and fashion products.

Issey created many brands that are still famous today, including Issey Skyline, 21 21 Design Sight, Issey Miyake Fête, Issey Miyake Perfumes, Pleats Please Issey Miyake, me Issey Miyake, Issey Skyline, and more. 

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