How did the former Mumbai Goalkeeper Sharad Hazare die at the age of 77?

Sharad Hazare was born on 8 August 1945 in Bombay and grew up living near Bhatia Hospital. He died at the age of 77 on his birthday on 8 August 2022. The news of Sharad’s death was told by his family.

Sharad had a passion since childhood to become a cricketer and illuminate the name of his country. While playing for Sharad Hazare State, he never even got national.

Sharad was a fast bowler. Sharad was part of the 15 Ranji Trophy-winning team “Golden Generation”. Sharad was a member of the 1969 Chepauk Madras Test team in the home series against Australia.

He also played for the local team Tara Sports Club and PJ Hindu Gymkhana. Former India skipper Dilip Vengsarkar said that Sharad used to play very well with some of the keepers who played in India, it was unfortunate that he could not play for India. Sharad Hazare was one of the best wicketkeepers in India.

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