Climber Adele Milloz dies after falling from Mont Blanc

Adele Milloz was a French ski climber. In 2017 Adele participated in the Winter Military World Games and also won a gold medal. Adele Milo was a champion mountaineer and competed in many competitions, including ski mountaineering and Eskimo.

Climber Adele Milloz died at the age of 26

Adele Milloz died at the age of 26 after falling from Mont Blanc. To break away from professional sports, Adele trained as a mountain guide. Adele (26) and her friend (30) were climbing Aiguille du Peigne, France, on 12 August 2022. After the other climbers saw the weather in winter and raised the alarm, they themselves wanted to descend from Mt. Adele was preparing to participate in the 2026 Winter Olympics. The reason for Adele’s fall from Mont Blanc is not known.

French Sports and Olympics Minister Amelie Odia-Castera Tribute her and tweeted – Saddened by the death of climber Adele Milo and her friend.

It’s more difficult to climb the top peaks quickly than to come snowboarding from the snowy peaks of Mt. But Adele Milo was always ready for it all and shone like a sky star.

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