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Boogie b Montrell was a popular American Actor, Comedian, and social media influencer. The sudden news of Boogie B Montreal’s death sent a huge wave on social media. Boogie b Montrell died on 23 December 2022 at the age of 40. Boogie B Montrell was one of Louisiana’s popular pranksters and comedians. Boogie B Montreal was very famous for his stand-up comedy because he used to do funny remixes of celebrities’ posts and people liked his style.

How did Boogie b Montrell Die? Who Killed Boogie b Montrell?

Boogie b Montrell died at 40 years to 47 years on 23 December 2022 in Los Angeles. Murder has been given as the cause of the death of Boogie b Montrell. The Baron of Montrell is murdered outside the rouge in the supermarket. The police officers have not yet given any information about why and who killed Boogie b Montrell. But Boogie B Montrell’s sudden death came as a big shock to his fans and a large number of fans paid tribute to him on social media.

Know Boogie b Montrell Age and Biography

Boogie B Montrell’s real name was Brandon Montrell. He was born on October 14, 1975-1982. His birthplace was New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Boogie B Montrell age ranged from 40 years to 47 years (according to sources). He did his study in his hometown. He did his school at Alfred Bonnabel High School and graduate from Delgado Community College. Boogie B Montrell lived in Los Angeles, California before he died. He was born to African-American parents. His nationality was American.

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Real Name Brandon Montrell
Age 0 years to 47 years
Birth Date October 14, 1975-1982
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Cause of Death Murder
Death Date 23 December 2022
Death Place Los Angeles
  • Sherilyn Montrell
  • Mattie Ben (stepmother)
Father Raymond Montrell
Brother Kevin Smith
Married Not Known
  • Alfred Bonnabel High School
  • Delgado Community College

Boogie B Montroll's Age
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Check Boogie b Montrell’s Movies and Television Career

Boogie b Montrell was the former President and CEO of the Montrell Smith AIDS Awareness Foundation since 2012 and has been working in Los Angeles, California for 11 years. Used to raise money for Montrell AIDS Assistance and Awareness. Boogie B Montrell made his stand-up comedy debut in 2006 and performed comedy at Boogie B ENT and Boogie B LLC for 17 years. He performed in many comedy shows and award shows and won many awards. He worked in Comedy Bad Boys, Into the Park, and Comedy Bad Boys 2020.

Who are Boogie b Montrell’s Parents?

Boogie B Montrell was born to his parents Sherilyn Montrell and Raymond Montrell in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Boogie B Montrell also had a stepmother named Mattie Ben. Boogie B Montrell grew up living with his Big Brother. His brother’s name was Kevin Smith. Boogie B Montrell’s father and brother had died a few years earlier.

In 2007, Boogie B Montrell’s father died of AIDS-related complications. In the same year, Boogie B Montrell’s Big Brother also developed AIDS-related problems and struggled emotionally and financially, leading to his older brother’s suicide in 2010.

The reason Boogie B Montrell started the Montrell Smith AIDS Awareness Foundation was because of his father’s death. The purpose of Relating to AIDS was to educate people through laughter and provide money to change the lives of people living with the disease.

Was Boogie B Montroll Married?

It is not known whether Boogie B Montrell was married or not. Because Boogie B Montrell never talked about his love life and married life and never told the name of his wife/girlfriend. But according to sources they have a son named Lil Soulja. But it is not confirmed that Lil Soulja is Montrell’s son.

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